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Proprietary online panels

Proprietary online panels

Whenever you plan to conduct online surveys always go for the expert. Working with us means getting access to high-quality data from strong and fast growing proprietary online panels across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas, as well as access to premium online panels around the world via certified online panel providers.


Whether you need to reach consumers, B2B or healthcare online panels in Europe or elsewhere in the world we are ready to support, either from our own proprietary panels or via local partners. We do realize how important it is to extrapolate the survey results to a broader part of the population, therefore all our online panels are recruited from various internet sources to be nationally representative in terms of both demographics and consumer behaviour.

Moreover, our proprietary online panels are deeply profiled by more than 70 different criteria, including:


Quality control

When it comes to quality GCS makes no compromise: from the panel recruitment settings and up to delivering the final data to clients, we run everything flawlessly in strict adherence to the ESOMAR’s code of conduct.

Here’s how we do quality control, in short:

  • Rigorous and diverse recruitment sources: we use multiple channels for panel recruitment to ensure a correct representation of the population and also to avoid any bias caused by possible skew in terms of demographics or consumer behaviour: marketing affiliates, members’ recommendation, e-commerce websites and information websites.

  • Full control on geo-location: someone living in a different territory than the one he/she is trying to join as panel member cannot even see the registration form, so it’s basically impossible for a Romanian living in UK to join our Romanian panel, for instance. Moreover, entering a valid zip code is a mandatory item to become our panel member, which is an extra step to ensure the place of living declared by panel members is real.

  • High-quality panel maintenance: at Gcs we pay extra attention on providing a quality panel support to our members, with quick feedback delivered in local languages to all their inquiries and with low rewards redemption levels, creating a win-win environment and ensuring a high response rate across panels.

  • Multiple options in terms of rewards redemption methods: by PayPal, in cash, by wire transfer or through online vouchers, this is how our panel members can redeem the rewards they win, based on their preference. We believe it’s fair to offer a variety of options for them to choose from and that pays back in a high response rate across panels.

  • Digital fingerprinting technology: duplicates and fraudulents (straightliners, speedsters, red herrings, those providing unusable answers in open ended questions) are automatically flagged and those who repeatedly manifest the same behaviour are purged from panel on a regular basis.

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