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Healthcare Research

Healthcare Research

Healthcare research is our USP. In a year we conduct more than 4000 doctors’ interviews. We are helping a number of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies,biotechnology firm, health service providers and medical product companies by providing the industry insights. Feasibility studies to open any new hospital or expand specialties of the existing hospitals, help a number of clients in India. Global Critique Service healthcare specializes in prescription audits and patient studies. Some of key areas in healthcare research are:

Doctors/physicians studies

We have the specialist interviewers and physicians conducting the Physician interviews. Our panels includes doctors from all specialties and super specialties.

Case studies – Doctors studies:

  • Study on Oncologist

  • Study in Pulmonologist

  • Study on Diabetologist

  • Study on Rheumatologist

  • Study on Hematologist

  • Study on Microbiologist / Pathologist

Study of hospital/nursing home/clinics/path labs/imaging centres

Global Critique Service is having one of the largest database of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pathology labs and imaging centres in India. Our studies are focused on Tertiary care, Secondary care and Primary care facilities. Our target respondents are hospital management, owners of the healthcare facilities and in charge.

Case studies – Hospital / nursing home / clinics / path labs / diagnostic centres:

  • Study of pharmaceutical companies

We assist a number of companies in product launch, pricing and competition analysis.

Case studies – Pharmaceutical companies:

  • Research Study on Surgical Sealant market in India

Study of medical devices/equipment

We conduct a large number of surveys on usage of medical devices in India. Our research studies helps companies in launching new devices, product positioning and competition landscape and doctors / patients satisfaction by the devices.

Case studies – Medical devices/equipment:

  • Study on Biomedical devices in India

Patient safety and other patient studies

Global Critique Service conducts surveys like patient satisfaction, patient safety and other related studies with all types of patients in India. Our studies on medication, prescription and side effects helps companies to a greater extent.

Case studies – Patient safety and patient studies:

  • Hospital employees satisfaction survey

Employees working with hospitals are considered as highly stressed due to regular patient interactions. Sometimes it leads to the depression and anxiety among the hospital staff. Our employee’s satisfaction surveys helps hospitals to find out the areas to improve on.

Case studies – Hospital employee satisfaction survey:

  • Chemist and distribution channel research

Chemist are playing key role in pushing any medicine in Indian market. There are still 32% Indians buy medicines without prescription.

Case studies – Chemist and distribution channel studies:

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