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B2B Online Research

B2B Online Research

As businesses evolve and look to expand into new territories and increase their foothold in existing markets, they rely on data, which empowers them into that decision-making. Our niche panel of business owners, business decision makers and professionals have the ability to provide highly accurate and intricate responses. We have built a very high quality "by-invitation-only" business panel comprising of all segments, industries, job roles across geographies.

Partnering with Brands who directly engage with business decision makers, WiseSample has ability to be always "current" with business dynamics in ever changing environment as we constantly add more partners to our reach, hence increasing our capacity to deliver higher quality panellists for your research needs.

We partner with airline frequent flyer programs, business forums, loyalty programs, business travel resources, professional organizations and business portals to curate a validated, responsive and relevant sample. Our team has gained a fine expertise in creating a sampling plan customized to specific project needs, closely studying sample needs and inviting the panellist needed.

Our extensive profile covering business roles, types, sizes across various industry verticals, revenue, number of employees and locations, job titles, years in business, years in role - across the geographies we cover gives us a unique ability to get you the right audience for your research.

Covering US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, China and other regions with validated panellists, WiseSample has the answer to every business research problem.

Periodically verify the profiling by inserting quick profiler surveys to constantly refresh the panel database.

Engage with proprietary sources to recruit "invite-only" panel hence protecting data integrity and validity.

Monitor panellist activity with in-house Wise-Score algorithm, which tracks activity over panellist life and survey participation, flags any undesired activity and taking corrective and improvement actions accordingly.

Rewards participants through global loyalty programs and renowned brands, which are appreciated, by business leaders and professionals, hence encouraging participation.
Business Panel Key Profile

Business Type

Industry Vertical

Number of Employees

Number of locations

Employment Status

Company Revenue

Primary Role

Years in Industry

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