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B2C Market Research

B2C Market Research

Ecommerce. Mobile marketing programs. Consumer-generated content. Social Media.

The business to consumer relationship is constantly evolving and getting more challenging. Keeping abreast of all the changes is a must for any organization that wants to maximize its position in the marketplace. In order to convert new customers, businesses must stay in tune with the attitudes, expectations and behavior of their target audiences. GCS market Research  B2C market research surveys can give your business an objective, multi-dimensional view of this vital information to drive business success.

Many Fortune 500 companies rely on Infosurv Research as their market research partner. We create cost-effective B2C market research surveys that give them quantitative consumer data they can put to practical use in their business initiatives. Our user-friendly surveys are an effective way to measure and evaluate:

  • Demographics – statistics such as age, income, gender, education

  • Psychographics – customer attitudes, opinions and interests that effect their purchasing decisions

  • Behaviors – the what, how, when of purchasing

  • Pricing – elasticity, and the role of promotions and optimization

  • Brand – perceptions and position for your brand and those of your competitors

  • Trends – the direction of the industry or market.

  • Competition – evaluation of your products and services vs. your competitors’

  • Segmentation – Special niches or subgroups that could be targeted to shape the marketplace

Let Global Critique Service be your B2C market research department. If you’d like to speak with one of our senior research consultants

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