Established in 2018,GCS means Global Critique Service Research is a young & dynamic full-service market research and insight organization which provides optimized outputs to advance and excel your current business. Experience the energy, flexibility and ‘can-do’ attitude of a boutique-style organization, backed up with the office-network, processes and expertise of a global group, to achieve an exceptional “best of both” organization offers.

A best in industry par of Market Research, GCS Research has positioned itself to provide market research services to all various businesses and organizations across the globe. A full-service Market Research firm in every sense of the term, GCS Research provides end to end market research of quantitative & qualitative insights.

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We’ve all heard that before. Experienced researchers know what it takes to create a high quality survey and freelance translators and editors



As businesses evolve and look to expand into new territories and increase their foothold in existing markets, they rely on data, which empowers them into that decision-making. Our niche panel of business owners, business decision makers and professionals have the ability to provide highly accurate and intricate responses. We have built a very high quality "by-invitation-only" business panel comprising of all segments, industries, job roles across geographies.

Partnering with Brands who directly engage with business decision makers, GCS Research has ability to be always "current" with business dynamics in ever changing environment as we constantly add more partners to our reach, hence increasing our capacity to deliver higher quality panelists for your research needs.

We partner with airline frequent flyer programs, business forums, loyalty programs, business travel resources, professional organizations and business portals to curate a validated, responsive and relevant sample. Our team has gained a fine expertise in creating a sampling plan customized to specific project needs, closely studying sample needs and inviting the panelist needed.

Our extensive profile covering business roles, types, sizes across various industry verticals, revenue, number of employees and locations, job titles, years in business, years in role - across the geographies we cover gives us a unique ability to get you the right audience for your research.

Covering US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, China and other regions with validated panelists, GCS Research has the answer to every business research problem.

 Periodically verify the profiling by inserting quick profiler surveys to constantly refresh the panel database.

 Engage with proprietary sources to recruit "invite-only" panel hence protecting data integrity and validity.

 Monitor panelist activity with in-house Wise-Score algorithm, which tracks activity over panelist life and survey participation, flags any undesired activity and taking corrective and improvement actions accordingly.

 Rewards participants through global loyalty programs and renowned brands, which are appreciated, by business leaders and professionals, hence encouraging participation.

Healthcare Research

Healthcare research is our USP. In a year we conduct more than 4000 doctors’ interviews. We are helping a number of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firm, health service providers and medical product companies by providing the industry insights. Feasibility studies to open any new hospital or expand specialties of the existing hospitals, help a number of clients in India. GCS Research healthcare specializes in prescription audits and patient studies. Some of key areas in healthcare research are:

Doctors/physicians studies

We have the specialist interviewers and physicians conducting the Physician interviews. Our panels includes doctors from all specialties and super specialties.

Case studies – Doctors studies:

  • Study on Oncologist

  • Study in Pulmonologist

  • Study on Diabetologist

  • Study on Rheumatologist

  • Study on Hematologist

  • Study on Microbiologist / Pathologist

Study of hospital/nursing home/clinics/path labs/imaging centres

GCS Research is having one of the largest database of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pathology labs and imaging centres in India. Our studies are focused on Tertiary care, Secondary care and Primary care facilities. Our target respondents are hospital management, owners of the healthcare facilities and in charge.

Case studies – Hospital / nursing home / clinics / path labs / diagnostic centres:

  • Study of pharmaceutical companies

We assist a number of companies in product launch, pricing and competition analysis.

Case studies – Pharmaceutical companies:

  • Research Study on Surgical Sealant market in India

Study of medical devices/equipment

We conduct a large number of surveys on usage of medical devices in India. Our research studies helps companies in launching new devices, product positioning and competition landscape and doctors / patients satisfaction by the devices.

Case studies – Medical devices/equipment:

  • Study on Biomedical devices in India

Patient safety and other patient studies

GCS Research conducts surveys like patient satisfaction, patient safety and other related studies with all types of patients in India. Our studies on medication, prescription and side effects helps companies to a greater extent.

Case studies – Patient safety and patient studies:

  • Hospital employees satisfaction survey

Employees working with hospitals are considered as highly stressed due to regular patient interactions. Sometimes it leads to the depression and anxiety among the hospital staff. Our employee’s satisfaction surveys helps hospitals to find out the areas to improve on.

Case studies – Hospital employee satisfaction survey:

  • Chemist and distribution channel research

Chemist are playing key role in pushing any medicine in Indian market. There are still 32% Indians buy medicines without prescription.

Case studies – Chemist and distribution channel studies:


Ecommerce. Mobile marketing programs. Consumer-generated content. Social Media.

The business to consumer relationship is constantly evolving and getting more challenging. Keeping abreast of all the changes is a must for any organization that wants to maximize its position in the marketplace. In order to convert new customers, businesses must stay in tune with the attitudes, expectations and behavior of their target audiences. GCS Research  B2C market research surveys can give your business an objective, multi-dimensional view of this vital information to drive business success.

Many Fortune 500 companies rely on B2C Research as their market research partner. We create cost-effective B2C market research surveys that give them quantitative consumer data they can put to practical use in their business initiatives. Our user-friendly surveys are an effective way to measure and evaluate:

  • Demographics – statistics such as age, income, gender, education

  • Psychographics – customer attitudes, opinions and interests that effect their purchasing decisions

  • Behaviors – the what, how, when of purchasing

  • Pricing – elasticity, and the role of promotions and optimization

  • Brand – perceptions and position for your brand and those of your competitors

  • Trends – the direction of the industry or market.

  • Competition – evaluation of your products and services vs. your competitors’

  • Segmentation – Special niches or subgroups that could be targeted to shape the marketplace

Let GCS Research be your B2C market research department. If you’d like to speak with one of our senior research consultants,

Desk Research

It serves many purposes and can be used as a stand-alone research technique or as the initial stage of a project in primary research. Desk Research helps to track down useful existing pre-published information. Many companies need to find out information about their market or competitors but for many reasons cannot understand the dynamics of the market. Desk Research in a cost effective manner solves much of the problem. It constitutes a vital component of GCS Research offerings to various of its clients based in India and abroad.

Desk research at GCS Research comprises searching for information using existing resources, both internal and external, and supplemented with expert’s opinion. This is then followed by cross reference, guesstimation, and synthesis of information. We have extensive experience in conducting desk research projects across wide Industry verticals.

The projects range from conducting studies covering:

  • Situational analysis

  • Determining feasibility of entering into a specific market

  • Category potential

  • Reporting competition strategy basis their progression and much more


GCS Research has rich experience in conducting Survey work specific to Polling, Program Monitoring & Evaluation, Need Assessment, Public Opinion, Public Policy effectiveness measurement for Social & Developmental, Government and Grant Organization (non-governmental organization) from Indian and International Organizations.

Our role is to work and design in collaboration with the clients, collect and analyze data and prepare reporting. We conduct both qualitative and quantitative work in India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Sri Lanka, on a wide spectrum of domains. We work across all stages of such projects and types:

  • Need Assessment

  • Designing outcome

  • Measuring and evaluation its impact and outcome

  • Data Analysis and Report Writing

  • Survey Polling (election and policy)

  • Baselines, Mid-line and End line Surveys

  • Feasibility Studies and more...

Our Clients in the domain come from following verticals –

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Population, Family Welfare and Planning

  • Youth

  • Education

  • Women empowerment

  • Sexual & reproductive health

  • Mobile banking & Micro Finance

  • Environment

  • Income and Employment

  • Utilities

  • HIV/AIDS & Caregivers

  • LGBT

  • Rural & Urban development and more...

Based on the execution of the assigned projects and the quality standards that we adhere to, our clients view us as a credible company for social research in India that provides holistic services in the field of social research. We adopt quality designs coupled with a thorough and detailed execution, following International Standards and Best Practices. We use various sampling approaches in our studies:

National Representative Sample - When country based researches are conducted, we often choose a look-alike sample of the entire population, picking samples that represent the entire population in similar proportions, based on certain criteria.

Cluster Sampling - Under Cluster Sampling, the entire population is divided into groups/clusters, and clusters are then randomly taken up for researching.

Stratified Sampling - When the entire population under a research can be divided into different strata based on a certain criterion, and then random samples are picked from each stratum, it is stratified sampling.

Multi stage Sampling - Multistage Sampling is a more evolved version of cluster sampling. Taking the cluster sampling a step ahead, it involves studying the random clusters chosen so far to be studied in their entirety.

We have worked on several social research projects with prestigious names like the Futures Group International, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Public Health Foundation of India, Ministry of textiles, Saks ham, MSI, Intermedia, A2F Consulting & CLASP

Mobile Survey

Mobile surveys are those online surveys conducted on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. This new methodology has taken great steps ahead within the past few years along with development of the smartphone technology and, consequently, with the huge increase in smartphone usage penetration across the world. There are virtually 2 ways to conduct mobile surveys:

  1. Directly in a mobile Internet browser – this way the respondents will receive a survey link by email and will fill out the study the same way they do on their PC

  2. Via a mobile app – in this case, online panel members are asked to download researcher’s mobile app on their own device and this way they will get future invitations to surveys.


Given the tremendous advance of the smartphone penetration across the world, we are now able to efficiently conduct mobile surveys in all the countries where we own strong and fast growing proprietary online panels across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas, as well as around the world via carefully chosen local partners.

Regardless of the topic, target or countries of field, we have the right experience in handling mobile surveys whether they are done via mobile app or in-browser – our staff will first evaluate the feasibility based on your specifications, will come up with constructive suggestions on how to overcome the possible caveats and an ETA for costs.

Quality control

We employ several methods to ensure best quality for the data collected in mobile surveys:

  • The online panels we use as a base for our mobile surveys are all made of double opt-in members, who are incentivized for their contribution and can be re-contacted if necessary

  • We use specific digital fingerprinting software that automatically does members de-duplication on our end, so there is absolutely no chance for the same person to complete the survey twice or for someone who is not opening the survey from an accepted location to be able to access it

  • The translation of the questionnaire is always proofed by a native speaker, so that respondents can properly understand the questions – this service is obviously free for our clients

  • All the mobile surveys we conduct are de-branded

  • Interviews are always run in the official local languages of each country – this way we avoid any bad data caused by insufficient understanding of the questions by the respondents

  • Any respondent that provides poor quality answers (such as speedsters, flatliners etc.) is flagged and purged from panels

  • Internal validation of at least 10% of interviews

  • In full service project, the deliverables are thoroughly checked by our staff to ensure accuracy before they are sent over to client.

Works best for ...

  • Getting instant insights and feedback from respondents right where they are – while they are shopping, dining in a restaurant, while spending their holidays etc. Being able to immediately see the survey invitation and having the time and mood to take a short survey brings along several key advantages: speed, data accuracy, a much better response rate.Mobile surveys have some limitations caused by the mobile devices themselves, which are still technically unable to support specific software. However, our staff can always provide you with free suggestions on how to tackle those limitations and what works best in each country we cover, so please get in touch with us for details.


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